Helpie FAQ

  • What size rooms can we pick for our tour?

    We have lots of different options from small media room TV setups to 30 Seat semi-commercial rooms.

    Also remember you can change these, so if you have a meeting about a large cinema then we can load your tour with just big rooms!

  • What Is Shared Experience?

    Shared Experience is our amazing feature that allows you to meet your client in VR. This takes the experience to a whole new level as you can guide your client through your virtual showroom and see exactly what they are seeing. Please note: This feature requires 2x Oculus Go Headsets.

    Features Include

    • Meet your client in VR – You even see each others avatars!
    • Guide your client through the rooms you want them to see.
    • See exactly what they see.
    • Draw with the remote to highlight areas you want to discuss.
  • What if we want to have the tour on more than one headset

    Thats fine there is a reduced rate for additional members from the same organisation.

    Additional Annual Headset Licence £500+VATAdditional MonthlyHeadset Licence £50+VAT

  • What headset does Sinemas Virtual Showroom run on?

    We currently run on the Oculus Go, it’s an amazing bit of kit and such good value for money.

  • What A/V brands do you feature

    Over the years we have done designs for and with most of the main A/V brands so it’s likely we feature the brands that you use. If not then we will, where possible, create some that will then be added to our catalogue and available to all members.

  • How quickly after I sign up can I start using my Virtual Showroom?

    We will have you up and running within 48 hours of signing up.

  • How often are new rooms added?

    We introduce a new room at least every 2 months and be assured we are always working away on new and exciting content.

  • How much does Sinemas Virtual Showroom Cost?

    Annual Membership is £1,990+VAT

    Monthly Membership is £199+VAT

  • How long does it take to setup my headset?

    You can have it setup within around 15mins but we recommend taking your time to get familiar and work out how you are going to present to your client. Also remember to fully charge before booking that first demo!

  • How long do bespoke designs take?

    As long as we receive the completed form we turn around bespoke designs within 10 working days. Non-members may take slightly longer depending on our workload.

  • Can I request bespoke rooms?

    Yes absolutely, we have been designing bespoke rooms for installers for years. As a member you can now get these at the best prices and in VR.

    Member Bespoke Design Pricing
    Standard Design – £500+VAT

    Including VR – £750+VAT

    Non-Member Pricing
    Standard Design – £750+VAT

    Including VR – N/A

  • Can I have my real showroom featured?

    Yes! We have done this for quite a few dealers that have their own showroom. Even better than that we can do different versions of your showroom so you can show the same space in various styles! We have even done X-Ray versions so you can see where the speakers and cables are – one for the nerds lol!

    We can often do this at a special rate, get in touch for more detail!

  • Can I change the rooms in my tour?

    Yes! As an annual member we will change the rooms as often as you want (within reason) and as a monthly member you can change them each month.

    Just login to your account and submit your request.

    Please allow 48 for your changes to appear on your headset.

  • Are all rooms interactive?

    Most of our rooms will feature some kind of interaction and all new rooms feature at least lighting control.