We help you build your profile
and win more projects

We’ll help you by providing images and content of incredible cinemas and media rooms so you can win more projects. With Sinemas VR you can confidently show your customers exactly what their finished room will look like, without the expense of multiple showrooms. 

Proven to engage clients and close deals faster

How it works:

1) Choose either monthly or annual subscriptions

2) Sign in to your account and select your 10 rooms

3) you will receive your oculus go within 2 days

4) Book in for your orientation and user demonstration

What makes sinemas so different

We know that our industry is full of fantastically knowledgeable people but building that knowledge leaves very little time to think about how best to demonstrate this to a client. Sinemas VR allows AV integrator’s to use virtual showrooms that show customers what they are really looking for. This helps our members sell more of the types of projects they want and quicker than ever before.

Building a collection of impressive rooms can be hard, it takes time, expensive photography and can sometimes be restricted by privacy. This is why we have created the ultimate virtual reality showcase, a constantly updating selection of the finest, and importantly, deliverable rooms. Clients will be recommending you even before you have completed their project because they will want to talk about what they have experienced in your virtual showroom. 

The Virtual Showroom has been created by Simon Grattidge, owner of Sinemas. Simon is an industry veteran who, after running his own installation business for 8 years, has focused on what he does best, designing beautiful cinemas and media rooms. It is the experience of running an integration business which gives him a unique understanding of the challenges of the cinema sales and delivery process. The first version of Sinemas VR was created to help sell the type of projects he wanted to win and this quickly bore fruit, helping close higher value projects in much shorter time frames. 

Since then he has gone on to help even more dealers close better projects, quicker.    


When you buy sinemas VR membership you will:

  1. Learn how easy it is to show your client many options of rooms they may not have considered.
  2. See incredible reactions from your client as they look at incredible cinema and media rooms.
  3. Apply this new found knowledge to boost your marketing campaigns and sell with more confidence.

We all love seeing things clearly when making a significant purchase and with cinemas and media rooms it’s no different. Rather than a few pages of text show them beautiful rooms that they will want to spend time in. Don’t let them look past you at someone that will show them. 

Great visuals will help you secure more of the projects you want to win. Sign up today. Why? Because your client doesn’t know just how incredible their room can be until you show them.